• Baobab
    A persistent and optionally immutable data tree with cursors.
  • react-blessed
    A custom react renderer for blessed.
  • artoo.js
    The client-side scraping companion.
  • sandcrawler.js
    The server-side scraping companion.
  • kotatsu
    Straightforward command line tool to setup a development environment for modern JavaScript.
  • sigma.js
    A JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.
  • gexf
    Gexf library for JavaScript
  • dolman
    Light express app wrapper to develop an API comfortably.
  • decypher
    A handful of cypher utilities for Node.js
  • colback
    JavaScript asynchronous paradigm shift in the blink of an eye.
  • special-agent
    Indexed collection of common user agent strings.


  • clj-fuzzy
    A collection of algorithms dealing with fuzzy logic.
  • clj-cmudict
    Clojure wrapper for the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary.


  • furuikeya
    Procedural Haiku generation using Twitter data.
  • daj
    Read and write data without further ado.
  • colifrapy
    Command Line Framework for Python.