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Welcome to my blog, weary traveler. My name is Guillaume Plique, aka Yomguithereal and I am a research engineer working with social science researchers and designers in Sciences Po's médialab in Paris.

I am usually available for some light/short freelance or consulting work.I usually work in the following domains:
  • Webmining (Scraping, APIs, Crawling etc.)
  • Algorithmics & data structures
  • Fuzzy matching & full-text search tweaking
  • Record linkage & deduplication
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine learning & data science
  • Graph theory & interactive visualisation
  • Fullstack web development
You can join me by writing at guillaumeplique+freelance on gmail.com servers.

You can also peruse my open source work here.

Posts about programming & data structures:

  • Contiguous Range Sets

    Where we discover how a simple but cunning data structure can help us resuming the collection of a rather large amount of web documents.

  • Implementing an efficient LRU cache in JavaScript

    Where we discover how to harness the power of JavaScript's typed arrays to design our very own low-cost pointer system for fixed-capacity data structures

Various presentations:


Being a very bad graphist, I must rely on works from more talented people than myself to design palatable things: